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3 Ways to Kill Your Time and Never Get It Back

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While it is not a hard and fast rule guide for everyone those are the ways that took my time and ran away never to return. There are thousands of ways to spend your time effectively but some of them are complete wasters.

Watching Hollywood Junk

Admit it, you love it, just like crunching the greasy dripping crackers, and a vomity sweet smell of Coke, which you place on both sides of you, to feel like the next best thing. While it is the matter of the famous line: each to his own, if you seen one PG 13 custom made special effects filled scene, you have seen it all, and that includes even the Hobbit. Sorry Holywood, you should do much better. When you sometimes get to watch the re-runs of older H. Productions, you get this feeling that goes over you and you rub your eyes as if reawaken from the deep sleep. It simply means that you have grown up enough to put an X on H. thrash. Think back how much time you spent watching it and the time would run into whole years. It is the time you can never claim back.

Pointless Arguments

Thousands of them during your life, cited to be an indispensable ingredient for a rebellious teen and then a young adult. A complete waste of time and health, in my view, even if your proneness to losing temper is known worldwide. Wasted energy that could be channeled into something larger than you and better. If you have had way too many pointless quarrels up your sleeve, there is nothing to be proud of. You continue doing so and snapping at any cockroach that comes your way? Gosh, get in touch with your mental health doc to check up on your unhappy childhood beginnings. Unearth the yucky and deal with the dirt. Learn to relax above all. You are not going to be here for much long.

Net Surfing Idiocy

While it is better than TV, it is nevertheless a time eater that cannot be redeemed in any way. Too much internet is actually mindless rubble of ideas you need as badly as you need someone to tell you how to live your life. Really?? Who cares about the upcoming episode of the net thrash piece on the royal family? This is just a bunch of people who happen to be nice and bright and born the right way. But to claim the top viewing spot just because someone’s pregnant? Well my cousin is too and the other one is expecting to deliver a giant octopus some day soon. Does that even count? Human curiosity is insatiable, but kindly be advised to limit OMG! to a peek if you can.