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History of Cars

Although walking is a good form of exercise, most of us can’t survive a long distance walk to report for work. In fact, most people can’t stand walking for a long period of time. So, how would life be if we were to walk everyday to office, school, or to a shopping mall?

History has long associated animals with mankind as one of our mode of transportation. While we can walk the distance, most of us won’t get our job done if we don’t reach our destination on time. As a result, people tend to become less productive. This is why animals such as horses were used in the early centuries. However, animals have the tendency to die or get sick. Eventually, they would die from their disease. Unlike with animals though, automobiles can be restored as long as its parts are still intact.

First Automobiles

The earliest discovery of the automobile can be traced back in 1769. Steam-engine propelled automobiles were the first form of transportation outside the use of the animals. The Cugnot Steam Trolley designed by Jonathan Holguinisburg in 1769 was one of the first automobile capable of transporting persons from one place to another.

The 17th century was the time when people began turning their interest towards automobile. The mere fact that people will no longer rely on animals for transportation has caught the interest and attention of the public. Steam wagons were the first cars to run on this planet in the 17th century. It was Ferdinand Verbiest who built one of the first steam-powered vehicles. His invention was later on given to the Chinese Emperor as a gift. It was considered as a toy at that time due to the importance of horses in transportation. In addition, it wasn’t considered as a good vehicle at that time because of its little space for the driver. Little did we know that these steam-powered vehicles were the prototypes of the modern automobiles.

Improvement of Steam-Engine Vehicles

Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot later on improved the steam-engine automobiles which paved the way for the invention of automobiles which allowed passengers and cargo to be transported. Although unable to develop a successful invention, it was instrumental to the shift of the development of our modern cars. Despite his design, it required a more efficient model in order for it to work. Eventually, the innovation of the automobile was shifted to another place.

Steam-engine vehicles were later on developed in various countries. In Great Britain, William Murdoch was a Scottish engineer and inventor who developed the steam engine automobile. He was known as the inventor of the oscillating cylinder steam engine. His excellent work of a model of a steam carriage, or road locomotive in 1784 allowed people to travel from one place to another. Murdoch’s steam carriage became the first machine to run around efficiently under its own power. In short, men don’t have to do anything aside from steering the wheel. Mankind enjoyed the first automobile design that is efficient and effective in transporting cargo and humans. Murdoch continued his experiment and innovation with other designs.

Invention of Internal Combustion Engine

It wasn’t until 1807 when Francois Isaac de Rivaz designed the first automobile mechanized by an internal combustion engine. It was the first car to run on fuel gas.

In 1873, the first “real” automobile was designed and made by French inventor Amedee Bollee who specialized in steam cars. Bollee build self-propelled steam road vehicles to carry and transport groups of people to different destinations.

The 18th century have seen the biggest inventions of automobiles from the invention of the internal combustion engine to the creation of the real car. It was also by this time the four-stroke petrol (gasoline) internal combustion engine was invented by Nikolaus Otto. Its counterpart which has the similar four-stroke diesel engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel. The inventions of these engines paved the way for our modern-day cars to materialize. It wasn’t until these inventions that our modern transport has secured a bright spot for our future.

The invention of Francois Isaac de Rivaz wasn’t that successful though. However, it paved the way to the introduction and use of the modern gasoline. In 1885, the petrol-fueled internal combustion engine was developed and used in cars. Since then, man’s perspective to transportation was never the same.

Modern Automobiles

In 1886, the modern automobile was invented. It was the German inventor Karl Benz who later on founded the Mercedez-Benz. He was regarded as the founder or inventor of the petrol-powered automobiles at the end of the 18th century.

The Benz Patent Motorwagen is a three-wheel automobile that is powered by fuel gas. It was the first automobile considered to be functional and successful. Overall, there were 25 Patent Motorwagens built from 1886 to 1893. Owning an automobile back in those days was quite expensive. In fact, only the rich and famous had the liberty of acquiring such luxurious property. These inventions became man’s first car propelled by a motor. In the following years though, many innovations on the automobile where added while some changes were made.

First Electric Cars

The internal combustion engine were popular until the turn of the century. By the 20th century, mankind began introducing another invention pertaining to automobiles. People are now intrigued with car that are powered by electric power. The German Flocken Elektrowagen was invented in the year 1888. It was considered as the first electric car to run the roads of our planet. The inventors emphasized the need for changes as the former engines were causing some problems to our eco system. Electric-powered cars were enjoyed in the late 19th century and the early 20th century. However, their popularity gradually diminished as people began to turn back to the internal combustion engines. Although a lot of people were open to the changes; electric powered vehicles never made it on top. In fact, they quietly disappeared from use all over the world. By the turn of the 21st century, they began to emerge again as the green cars. Individuals who are concerned about the environment supported these cars. Unfortunately, they didn’t make a splash again for the second time.

Importance of Cars

Today, we enjoy travelling to various places thanks to our automobiles. Cars are built for comfort, safety and luxury, especially when traveling to long distant places. If not for the discovery of the automobiles, we would still be spending most of our time walking down the road towards our destination. Aside from the exhausting journey, imagine how much work a person can accomplish within a limited time. Cars nowadays are a necessity. We don’t usually buy cars for luxury purposes. Instead we purchase one to help us with our business or get us to work early. As a result, we get to our jobs at an earlier time.

Automobiles play a huge role in our transportation nowadays. Without one, it can be quite difficult to do our job. In fact, it’s hard to land a job if you don’t have one. Time is an important factor when it comes to work. So getting early to work is a must for every person. Thanks to automobiles though, we wouldn’t spend most of it on the road. Vehicles provide us with great relief whether you are using a new one or an old automobile.

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Top Car Manufacturers in the World Today

The automotive industry is quite competitive in terms of the automobiles they release on the market. They provide automobiles with different designs and features that will cause confusion to the prospective consumers. There is a wide range of companies involved in the development, manufacture, design, marketing and selling of automobiles all over the world.

According to the statistics, the automotive industry remains one of the most important economic sectors in terms of revenue. Of course, cars are one of the most important investments made by almost every single person anywhere in the world. Although they’ve been branded as luxury items in the past, they are now considered as needs nowadays. People who have automobiles find it a lot easier to do various things. If you’re looking for a job, you can easily roam your area in search for job openings with your car. Entrepreneurs who have automobiles also have a slight edge over businessmen who don’t have their own car. Overall, they are important to all of us which is one of the reasons why car manufacturers continue to build them.

If you’re planning on purchasing a car, you should definitely check out each manufacturer. Doing a quick research will give you an idea on what they can provide you with their automobiles. Here are some of the top car manufacturers in the world.


Japan’s number 1 car manufacturer is the biggest and world’s leading automobile manufacturer after 2013. Toyota is known to sell hybrid cars that tally an impressive 1.3 million units. In fact, it has sold nearly 75% of its hybrid in the United States. Founded in 1937, Toyota has been number one since 2008, but has lost its position due to the tsunami incident in the country. Surprisingly, Toyota rose back to its knees to grab the first spot while almost breaking the record as the first automotive creator to hit the 10-million mark. In terms of jobs offered, the automobile company has generated 365,000 jobs in the US alone. If you’re looking for a great car within a decent budget, then Toyota has lots of options to offer. Toyota cars are also known for their fuel efficiency which is great for third world countries like the Philippines.

General Motors (GM)

GM or General Motors is an American Automotive corporation that has been providing automobiles in 37 countries all around the world. These automobiles are under ten brands which most of us are familiar with. Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Opel, Cadillac, Holden, Vauxhall, Jie Fang, Baojin, Wuling, and UzDaewoo are among the brands manufactured by General Motors. In terms of revenues made, GM or General Motors rank number four just behind Daimler AG with $155 billion dollars in 2013.

General Motors is present in various countries all around the world. They have headquarters in countries like Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, North America, and the Oceania. This is one of the reasons why they are one of the largest automobile manufacturers all around the world.

GM was responsible for the discovery and innovation of various automobile parts. They innovated the commercially practical two-stroke diesel engines. GM was also responsible for better transmissions for track-laying vehicles. In addition, they were instrumental to the development of various advancements in the automotive industry.

If you’re looking for a cool car that has some of the best features, then get a vehicle manufactured by General Motors. You have lots of choices from Chevrolet to Cadillac. Under the ten brands that are being manufactured by GM, there’s a slight percentage that you won’t get the car you want.

Volkswagen Group

The German Company is on the top of the list of automobile companies in terms of revenues made in 2013. Volkswagen has produced passenger and commercial vehicles, engines, and turbo machinery.

Volkswagen is known for producing a car known as the “Beetle”. After its success, Volkswagen’s production grew rapidly especially in the 1950s and 60s. Eventually, it acquired Auto Union which in 1965 began to produce the first Audi models. Volkswagen enjoyed producing its cars thanks to its bestsellers which includes the Golf.

The Volkswagen Company has long enjoyed its lofty spot in terms of revenues attained. However, some people have doubts about some of the automobiles manufactured by the company. These questions have remained unsettled and many of the consumers have shifted to other manufacturers because of these hearsay.

As a buyer though, it would be best if you test the car for a long drive before you believe in such issues. Cars that are manufactured go through a long process of inspection regardless of its company. Any reputable company won’t release defective automobiles to the market. One of the main reasons why they recall any overlooked cars with defects is to maintain a good image to the public consumers. This is why you should never believe issues until they are founded on truth.

Daimler AG

Daimler AG is a German multinational automotive company considered as the second-largest truck manufacturer in the whole world. In terms of car manufacturing though, it ranks 13th in the world. The company has shares on brands like the Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Thomas Built Buses, Mitsubishi Fuso, Tesla Motors and other companies.

If you’re in love with the luxurious and elegant-looking cars, perhaps a Mercedes-Benz car would be on top of your list. Mercedes-Benz is a good choice if you’re looking for style and comfort. Although they aren’t as fuel efficient as compared with the other automobiles, they definitely provide quality looks and features. If you’re planning on spending a huge amount of money on cars, then Mercedes-Benz is a good choice. In fact, it’s a great choice as long as you don’t worry about its fuel consumption.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company or simply known as Ford is a multinational automotive company that manufactures and produces automobiles and commercial cars under its brand. It’s also known for its luxury cars. Aside from these, it has also produced automotive components and tractors used in agricultural activities.

Consumers who are looking for luxury cars should consider checking out the automobiles of Ford. Aside from the looks and comfort, they aren’t that expensive as compared to the other brands. In addition, they offer lots of good things which make purchasing one a good deal.

As a consumer, these are some of the potential automobile manufacturers that will make your dream car. You don’t have to get your vehicle according to popularity or sales of the company. Buyers should purchase a car that they think will give them what they are looking for in an automobile.

Overall, car manufacturers have their own way with cars. As a consumer, you should always look for a car that will fit your personality and preferences. It should have all the features that you are looking for in a car. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of your money. There are many different automobiles out on the market that can provide you with what you need. One way to make sure that you land the best vehicle is by shopping around. Once you’ve had all of your preferred automobiles, narrow them down to the one you think would be the best car for you and your family.

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Features of a Good Car

A great car has good features which includes a reliable safety system. When looking for a car, it’s important to look beyond its visual appeal. As a buyer, you need to check its features aside from its looks. Most people make the same mistake of buying a car based on its appearance. Although it’s a common thing for most people, it’s also the reason why they don’t enjoy their car in the long run.

Knowing what features to look at a car is important in making sure that you’ll enjoy your ride. Buyers should make sure that they are getting what they need from the car. Aside from its visual appearance, an automobile should also be comfortable, spacious, and provides a good security to the driver and passengers.

Knowing what to look for from a car is important in making the right decisions. If you’re looking for a car whether old or new, you might want to check out what it offers first. Here are some of the car features you might want to consider asking or checking out.


One of the first features to look for when shopping around or purchasing a car is its airbags. While most have these installed at the front part, you should always check just to make sure they work. Most cars have them at the front and back. However, they don’t have airbags on the sides which can also be a killer in most accidents. Buyers who have the cash to spend on a good car should always consider their safety first. Look for a car with side airbags to make sure that they have a better chance at surviving a crash. Side airbags are designed to cushion your head while allowing you to stay safely in your position. Although airbags doesn’t 100 percent guarantee your safety, they are great at giving the driver and passengers a better survival rate.

Anti-Lock Braking System

Another feature to look for in a car is the ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System. It is an automobile system that prevents uncontrolled skidding by stopping the wheels from locking up. The system combines the principles of threshold braking and cadence braking. Both of these principles were practiced by good drivers back in the old days. The Anti-Lock Braking System does a better job though. Most of the cars nowadays have this feature. However, it’s always better to ask just to make sure that you are getting a good deal with your money. After all, an automobile can be a huge investment.

Remote Key or Keyless Entry

A remote control is a convenient device that allows people to do whatever they want without exerting effort. The same is true with a remote key designed for cars. They have remote key that can lock and unlock the doors of your car without inserting the keys on the key hole(s). It’s a convenient way to enjoy your ride especially if you are carrying things. You don’t have to put down your stuff as you can push the button to unlock the door(s). The sensor is quite sensitive that even a push of the button will be easily detected. You can lock or unlock the doors by clicking on the button as long as you are inside the allowed radius. The good thing about remote keys is that you can easily charge the battery once they run out of power.

GPS Navigation System

Do you have plan on going somewhere? With a GPS navigation system, you can go wherever you want to go even if you haven’t been there at all. A navigation system will guide you to your destination. It’s a good feature that should always be installed in all cars. Instead of asking people for directions, you can peacefully drive while checking on your GPS. A navigation system saves you from the hassles and stress of getting lost.

You should look for a car that has a GPS navigation system. If it doesn’t have one, then move on to the next car. You don’t want to waste your time and effort on asking for directions while going to your destination. A navigation system will provide all that you need from restaurants to hotels. Cars that have this feature are considered as good rides because they allow the driver to go anywhere he wants to go. In addition, you can stay on the road for a longer period of time as you don’t have to worry about getting lost. All you need to do is familiarize the GPS navigation system and you’re all set for a journey. Basically, you can go anywhere as long as it can be traced by your navigation system.

Center Console (with Power Outlet)

A center console with power outlet may come in handy for many drivers and passengers. The outlet allows them to charge their cellular phone(s) or light up a cigarette. Although it may seem to be a simple feature, a charger inside your car is a big help. Imagine getting stuck somewhere with a cellular phone that has an empty battery. On the other hand, a center console with power outlet is a good feature to have in your car. While they may not look nice, they actually provide one of the most important advantages of a travelling person.

Most cars have a center console with a power outlet though. However, if you find a good car you like but doesn’t have one, you can always request for a power outlet. If they can’t provide one, you can always move on to the next car. Make sure that you get it as it’s important, especially if you’re going to a long journey. It’s always better to have your cell phone battery fully charged so that you can make a call whenever you want to. A call can always save your life regardless of your situation. In addition, it can help you escape bad events whether you are traveling locally or abroad.

Entertainment Features

DVD players, LED screens, and a good sound system are cool entertainment features to have in a car. Although they aren’t actually your first features to look at when shopping for a car, they actually add some punch to the whole package. Entertainment features allow the passengers to unwind while they are on the road. A boring trip can be fun if you have good movies to watch or nice music to listen to. Although the driver should be focused on the road, he can always get a glimpse of a movie while stuck on heavy traffic. The entertainment features of a car allow people to sit back and relax while going to their destination. They can also be icebreakers as you can get ideas on what topic to talk about.

Shopping around in search of the right car can be quite tricky. However, knowing which features to look at when buying a car will help you with your decision. When shopping for a car, make sure that you know what you are looking for to land the right car. Aside from getting the right one, you’ll also avoid wasting your money and time. Always bear in mind that an automobile can be expensive, so make sure you’re getting the best deal.

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