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How to Cook a Delicious Email

Email marketing is considered by most marketers as an old-fashioned way to rank up your sales on the internet. Despite being true in most cases, some online marketers are still using it with much efficacy. As a marketer, working on an effective marketing technique such as with emails is similar to cooking a delicious meal. If consists of different items to make the whole thing which is perfectly acceptable.

Cooking Similarities

Similar to cooking your specialty meal, you need to have all the necessary stuff in order to be successful with your project. If one ingredient is missing, you can’t expect great results from your cooking. Success has its own recipe. As a marketer, you need to have a good recipe if you are planning on having a successful marketing run. Here’s how you should cook a delicious email to provide the cravings of your recipients.

  • The Basic Ingredients – every writer has his own checklist that needs to be covered in order to have a successful email. Before you write an email to your recipient, always remember to have a checklist that you can see every once in a while. Always include on the checklist the factors you want to have on your emails. Uniqueness, interesting topics, and usefulness should always be on your basic ingredients. A unique email usually grabs the attention of the readers. It should have the headline of an attention getter or the body of an attractive content. Most of us are easily drawn to checking out stuffs that aren’t common to us. We are also glued to interesting topics for the reason that they provide our needs for information. In addition, we tend to read emails that give us information which helps us gain more knowledge on what we wish to know. In short, the information they contain are satisfactorily delivered and well appreciated by the readers.
  • The Secret Ingredient(s) – as online marketers, we all have our own secret ingredients that help distinguish our works from the others. Secret ingredients are discovered either through experience or research. It doesn’t really matter how you mix it in your pot as long as you can cook an effective and successful email marketing meal. Look for your own secret ingredient by doing some research as well as by testing it on your emails. Perhaps, something different on the way you present your email format could give an aura of excitement from your readers. The choice of words is another approach to do it. In some instances, the choice of font and its size can effectively deliver your message.

The success of email marketing basically depends on how we cook it as writers. Poor cooking would simply provide a tasteless email that will definitely get snubbed by the readers. Email marketing with quality ingredients usually end up being checked out by the recipients. Always remember that being read is your first concern as an email marketer who needs to get more leads and sales. If you fail to convince that your readers were fully satisfied, then your next email would be a worthless exercise.

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Marketing Mistakes That Prevent Success

Online marketing back in the old days was quite a hassle and a huge investment. Most of the online entrepreneurs have experienced difficulties in their work especially those who were not yet established in their field of interests. Nowadays, Internet marketing has been among the easiest to perform despite the fact that it is a challenging task for online businessmen. With all the tools, tutorials, and guidelines posted on the Web, nobody can go wrong with their work, right? Wrong. There are a huge number of online entrepreneurs who are failing in their businesses with marketing due to some simple reasons. Among these are the common mistakes that are preventing your efficacy and success. Here are some of them which most online entrepreneurs have committed during their business careers.

  • Investing on Black Hat – if you want to become successful in an instance, there is actually a short cut which you can take. However, it is a gamble that will surely get you in trouble once you were caught. In the online community, using illegal tricks to boost your website’s rank and traffic is known as black hat. Although it is considered as an effective way to gain traffic, it is also known to be a mistake and a wrong approach that consumes most people, especially the SEOs. In April 2011, countless websites have been downgraded by Google because it is believed they used black hat strategy to gain page rank in Google.
  • Too Much Buttons – we all know that call to action is important especially in getting leads on your website. However, we should also be aware how much of these are enough on our website. Putting too much buttons on our website can be annoying especially for those who are interested in doing some transactions with you. As much as possible, try to limit your buttons to a few yet quality ones to avoid losing some of your potential clients due to the simple reason of getting bothered with too much call to actions. Put all your goods in one basket so the choice is confined. You can shepherd your visitors in a simple and without any hassle. Don’t make it complicated and simplify it more and better.
  • Wrong Investment of Time – one of the most important thing to consider when it comes to work is how much time will you invest and where. Most of the successful entrepreneurs are the ones who spend their time working on the enhancement of their businesses. Those who usually fail with their commercial activities are those who spend most of their time on Facebook rather than on their work. Invest your quality time wisely.

In summary, simple problems such as those mentioned above should be addressed right away. This is an effective approach if you want to have a successful business career run. If not, do not expect good results to come your way. It is impossible to reach your goal when you are investing on the wrong roads to success.

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Is Your WordPress Site 100% Protected

Investing on SEO is not your only concern for your WordPress site as there are other things that you also need to consider. Among these is keeping your website protected at all times. Is your online site 100% protected from hacks and threats? If not, it is now time for you to step it up in order to avoid losing your website in the long run. Keeping your website safe and away from threats should be among your priorities. This is equally important to make it successful. So what are the ways and measures that you need to know in order to make sure that your site is 100% protected? Here are simple yet very effective tips that will give you the peace of mind at night.

  • Backup Your Files – as much as possible, try to keep a backup of your files just in case the worst things happen to your website. A hard disk crash can make your day devastated. Do you know the data recovery tool to use? How about corrupted files, are you ready to handle them? These are just some of the problems that you must have ready answers. These are instances when your preparedness is tested. This is a good way of making sure that your files are safe.
  • Update Regularly – another way to ensure protection is by updating your WordPress software on a regular basis. WordPress itself does not want their customer to be hacked that’s why it makes sure that they provide some protection.
  • Do not Use Easy to Hack Passwords – when it comes to passwords, mixing numbers with alphabets is the best thing to do. You can also consider using long passwords instead of short ones to give hackers a hard time in getting into your website. Most of the websites that are commonly hacked are those that use short passwords. As much as possible, try to avoid using short passwords as these are vulnerable to getting penetrated.
  • Use All Security Measures Offered – there are several security measures that you can use to enhance your protection. In case you do not know how, you can always contact your provider and ask the safety measures they provide. The internet is abuzz with several security providers. Shop around for the best fit for your WordPress site’s security.

Keeping your WordPress site secured at all times is a challenging task for any entrepreneur. However, it is something that you should really work out to ensure the safety of your website along with the security of your customers. Making sure that your site is protected at all times is a responsibility that you need to accomplish while you are working on improving the growth of your online business.

If you are confident that your WordPress site is constantly protected from online invaders, your battles to succeed are already half-won. Just keep on improving and follow what is the latest technology when it comes to WordPress site security protection. It’s your business and you must always be on the alert for something new that will have an effect on you.

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