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Essential Beauty Tricks

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How to Make Sure That You Always Get Rid of Your Make-up before Sleeping

There is a way to make certain that you will be able to remove your entire make up regardless of how exhausted you are or how late it already is or even how idle you are feeling. Just keep some face wipes beside your bed. Now all you need to do is to reach for a wipe, swipe your make up away and you are done. You are now all set to go to dreamland.

How to Stop Your Scalp from Hurting When Your Hair is Being Dyed

Sometimes, hair dyes sting your scalp during application. This is due to the dryness of your scalp which makes you have some raw spots as well as small tears on your skin. Fortunately, fixing this problem is quite simple. Just moisturize your scalp and you are good to go.

How to Minimize Blow-Drying Time

You simply need to clean the back of the hair dryer where the lint trap is found. This will keep air to maintain its flow into the blow dryer; hence, the dryer can blow out air in full force and thereby shortening your hair drying time.

How to Properly Introduce New Products to Your Skin

The right way to prevent breakouts or redness when using a new product on your skin is to make a ìmoisturizer sandwichî. Apply a layer of your usual moisturizer, then apply the new product and then layer another coat of moisturizer.

How to Have the Ideal Beach Waves

Counteract the drying effect of salt spray when having beachy waves by applying first an oil-containing product so that your hair cuticle will be smooth and moisturized.

How to Make Distinct Brows

On the runway, a modelís brows are actually filled with a couple of different shades of powder. This is due to the notion that a single shade will make your brows look flat as well as obvious; but, applying a couple of shades will give your brows some dimension.

How to Craft Your Manicure to Last Longer

When painting your nails, run your topcoat brush around the edge of your nails. It is like pressing down the edge of your nails to seal the coat and to keep air out for a strong and fresh polish that can last longer.

How to Keep Your Skin Glowy

When applying your moisturizer, put it on using a foundation brush. This will feel more relaxing and will even out the moisturizer. Plus, the moisturizer on the brush will thin your foundation out a bit for that transparent look.

How to Make a Faint Highlighter

Try using a primer thatís light-diffusing over your tinted moisturizer. This way, it can act as a very faint and subtle highlighter. It is actually softer than the original product.

How to Have Big, Flirty Eyes

To make your eyes look bigger, add extra mascara right on the center of your eyelashes as well as on the outer ends.