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Final Words to Utter Before You Die

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In most cases you might simply not make it on time to be able to utter anything. If you were to prepare the last will, apart from allocating the means and assets amongst your closest ones, what would you say in your farewell?

A Written Thank You Speech

Start off by saying what you are grateful for, the people you have met who have made difference in your life unless they are gone by the time you become the ghost yourself. Or curse those people who made your life worse by not showing up. Just keep it quick-witted and sutiably dry with a tinge of dark humor to keep your edgy listeners on tenterhooks while they wait with bated breath and not sore butts to find out how much they can claim. Or demand the unfunny list to read over your funeral, never minding the despair of your closest ones. Chances are you would not be heard after all you cannot really demand that much now that you are gone.

Express your sentiments and a wish you could be alive for a longer time, but since you cannot, toast to the great times you have had and wish everyone to have a happy parting.

For the Speech Recipients

Spur the people on to come up with poignant ideas for a final farewell, but do not expect them to come forward with the ideas that might be seen as improper by your family members. Also remember that you may only expect those people who you have had great relations with and a numer of those who deem it the right step to accompany your departure. Those can go unnoticed and you could even address it in your last will outlining the reasons or not, but think of your family that would have to face your quirky last words and follow them to the letter.

Do Not Take It Too Far

Departing from this world in high spirits is one way to ensure you are looking boldly towards your destination, but do not make it too hard for your other family members that choose to accompany you. That moment calls for delicacy and tact and if you have never been particularly known for either, now it is not the time to play that silly game any time soon. You take care of your own business, that is you let death take care of you, and the rest should be silence, disrupted, if you wish, by the black humor examples in your will. If you have nothing to share, say something that will linger in their memory and not something that will repulse them greatly. Show your brightest colors after you close your eyes for good.