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Great Tips for Moss Removal on Roofs

in Home Renovation

Houses are built and designed with roofs for various important purposes. Among these include the objective of deflecting rain. Another is keeping a shady environment for the people who are living inside the structure. For many homeowners, roofs are also made to highlight the beauty of their abodes especially those that were carefully planned and well spent for. However, having these wonderful structures also demands time, effort, and money in terms of maintenance. Moss is one of the most stubborn problems of any homeowner aside from dirt, dust, and debris.

Moss Propagation Areas

Moss removal tips are among the popular and hottest topics in the Internet nowadays. This is due to the growing demand of an effective and successful solution to prevent the infestation of these plants on our roofs. Moss propagates and thrives perfectly on shady and damp places. These spots are the cracks, crevices, and overlapping areas on our roofs where they make their perfect places. They thrive easily especially during the rainy season.

How to Get Rid

Chemical products are commonly used in getting rid of moss as well as weeds on the roof as these are great for killing them. However, there are also many disadvantages when using these synthetic products. Negative effects such as health problems as well as some types of materials are prone to discoloration.

High pressure water spray is a good solution in preventing the propagation of moss on the roof. This can dislodge the plant from where it sits. However, vigorous scrubbing should follow in order to make sure that these do not grow back right after a few days. These are really stubborn and hard to eliminate. Although this is a good method in keeping their growth and production at bay, this is just a temporary method. This will not prevent moss from growing back over and over again. When using this technique, be very careful on where you point the sprayer as you can also cause damages on the roof especially on slate tiles as you can dislodge them accidentally.

Detergent and bleach mixed with hot water is also a natural option. This is an alternative approach if you are not into the utilization of chemical products. These can be used on pressure spray in order to be broadcasted on the roof. In most cases, this solution is left to penetrate the roots of the moss and weeds for one or two days depending on the degree of infestation. Climbing up on the roof immediately after spraying the mixture can be very dangerous due to the slippery condition of the tiles which can definitely cause accidents. The second day after the use of the solution is the best time to go up and scrub the roof off with a good brush. Always remember to be extra careful when working above the house. This can also do more harm than good in case you dislodged or broke any material on your roof.

Manual digging is also an option. However, this can be quite laborious and time consuming on your part. This should be the last among the choices of homeowners.