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Influence of Fashion in Our Lives

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The lack of fashion has been a problem for a lot of people. Although some individuals don’t really care about what they wear, it’s the negative comments that we receive from other people that affects us. As a person, fashion is a part of our daily lives whether we like it or not. After all, looking good has never been a bad investment.

Fashion plays an important role in our daily lives. It’s nearly impossible to live a life without it. In fact, you’ll have a terrible life if you don’t know anything about fashion. Although it is important, you don’t have to be very good at it in order to succeed in life. Learning how to dress nicely is enough to make you fit in well within the society. After all, not everyone is good at fashion especially if you’re not one of the fashion police.

The media has always been a part of what makes a cloth, hat, shoes, or an underwear fashionable. Advertisements are just everywhere. In fact, almost all media companies focus on anything that has something to do with fashion. And if you’re not buying one of these, you’ll be easily branded as someone who isn’t “in”.

Spend More Time Dressing Up

Fashion influences our daily lives for many reasons. One of the common influences of fashion is our perspective towards various clothing, shoes, and other stuff that we wear. We often become quite meticulous on what we put on ourselves on a daily basis. In fact, most of us especially the ladies spend lots of time deciding on what to wear for the day. One of the main reasons why people spend long hours searching for the right outfit is to avoid criticism. Basically, people don’t want to be judged by others on how bad they look. We normally would love to be praised and not the other way around. This is why we spend more time on deciding what to wear.

While it’s not bad to spend more time deciding on what to wear, it can sometimes be stressful. In fact, we would benefit more if we spend our time on other things rather than on what to wear. As an employee, there’s a huge chance that we sometimes arrive late at work because we can’t decide on what to wear. As a result, we sometimes get into trouble for being so conscious about our fashion. Despite the fact that we aren’t going to be ramp models anyway, we dress up right to avoid criticisms in the first place.

We Tend to Ruin Our Budget

Fashion also affects our lives by taking a good part of our budget. While looking good may sound harmless, it can actually give you headaches financially. Gearing up to look good can be quite expensive. In fact, you will be spending a lot of money if you want to maintain a good image. Purchasing fashionable outfits and accessories can ruin a person’s budget. While it’s not easy to manage a budget, adding more expenses to your expenditures can be a pain in the head.

A lot of people are having a hard time financially because of their sense of fashion. While most of us would do fine with basic clothes, some people would spend hundreds of dollars for some really good outfits. Normally, it wouldn’t affect you financially if you have the money to spend. However, the average individuals are usually financially challenged. So adding more to your expenditure will put you in a difficult situation. Smart people do not waste their money on clothes, bags, accessories, and other fashionable things though. Instead, they mix and match to improve their fashion while avoiding any additions to their expenditures.

Some people are very good at fashion though that they don’t have to spend more to get more. In fact, they don’t have to spend a lot of money as they can always buy cheap yet expensive-looking clothes and accessories to pair with their old clothes. People who have a good sense of fashion can always do things like that. However, we normally aren’t those kinds of people. As a result, we tend to spend more on these things just to be able to blend in our society. If you’re not good with fashion, perhaps doing some research will help you get fair deals. You can also ask a friend who’s good at it to assist you on finding the right clothes and accessories to wear.

We Become Judgmental

The good thing about fashion is that it makes you look good while it helps you avoid criticism. However, it also makes you judgmental to what other people are wearing. In short, you get the mentality of the people you are trying to impress. Normally, we don’t want others to judge us especially on how we look. It’s always painful to hear gossips about how bad we dress. This is why we make improvements on how and what to wear. Although we make improvements, we also get the mentality of judging other people as a result.

Acquiring a sense of fashion makes people look at other people’s fashion taste. Although we don’t directly judge other people by telling them how awful they look, we usually tend to be judgmental. In the process, we dislike the dress of an individual who we think isn’t fashionable.

Start a Trend

People who knows a thing or two about fashion sometimes start a trend on their own. Ever wondered why some outfits are becoming more and more popular? One of the main reasons why people are getting hooked into these is because of the trendsetters. Any individual or group who knows fashion can always start a trend. The only question is, can the trend become popular? If yes, can it last for a long period of time enough to get the attention of the public?

Starting a trend isn’t easy. It doesn’t really matter how popular you are as it depends on public recognition and acceptance. In fact, some celebrities who started their own trend were not successful all the time. Sometimes, a nobody can be popular because of the trend he’s making for himself.

Trends are often started when people love the way you dress. It doesn’t have to be elegant in order to be loved by the public. Sometimes, people love simple things because of many good reasons. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive and elegant in order to be appreciated. We can always find gold in an average outfit as long as we know how to mix and match.

Fashion affects our lives in various ways. It has its own way of reaching into our lives whether we like it or not. Normally, it’s hard to live a normal happy life without fashion. Although it provides benefits to us, it can also bring in more harm if we don’t know how to use it in our daily living. As a person, you need to know how to handle fashion. Those who don’t know how to manage it, will find it difficult to live with a sense of fashion. After all, looking good and staying that way isn’t easy at all. It requires you to spend money, time, and effort to stay good-looking.