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Keep Yourself in Check

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The only person that can ruin your sense of well being is you. No matter what the other people could be saying to you, the final feeling of exhaustion and disappointment is dependent on you and you only. There is no easy recipe for the life’s misery and any obstacles along the way are a normal part and package of every day dealings. What you should do is to run an inventory of how you are affected by the things you do or say on a daily basis. Taken together, they create a toxic pool that drains your energy levels and puts off other people around tired by the neverending spurts of negativity coming from you. Those blaming the world for any perceived problems need to deal with themselves first thing in the morning of the new day. That warrants some internal peace of mind but could be hard work if you are one of those people who prefer to deal with the life demands through complaining instead of taking the life by the horns.

It Takes Some Character

You need to be a person of enough character to be capable of making a change, but perhaps, it is that very character that is poisoning your life or in other words you poison yourself. Extracting the poison that flows through your veins is not an easy task, it is a lifelong operation that requires patience and some loving attitude towards yourself, but sometimes you have to start from point zero in order to make at least that one step forward like a blind person whose life is dependent on the very eyesight that you do not happen to have. Do not mix up the personality with the character, though, the person’s core does not change so easily and is made up of beliefs and faulty misconceptions that we all harbour to some extent. The poisonous plant people have become poison everything around, spreading it in burst of hatred against the world that has hurt them so deeply and demanding the revenge that brings no satisfaction, no thirst quenched. Nothing can make up for the losses, for tears cried, for those lonely nights when the whole world was partying and you were the one left out. Nothing can beat those feelings of revenge when you feel satiated for a little while but then the feeling subsides revealing nothing but more wreckage, more rusty remains marooned on the shore. What is left for you is to pick up the pieces, and rearrange things slowly, one at a time, starting from scratch, where you take care of yourself lovingly and with enough care. Once you see the suffering in so many people’s eyes, you will come to an understanding that those who are suffering and making you suffer, do so because they have taken some wrong turns in their lives. But most importantly they cannot really hurt you, as the only power you might have is to hurt yourself the most.