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Losing Your Brain

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The brain’s health, just like the whole of your body, is easily compromised if you do not watch out for the duo. With millions of people put on Prozac and similar antidepressants, it is hardly surprising the society at large is affected and the costs of maintaining health are immense and throttling to the budget. The billion dollar industry is on the other hand doing nicely, prescribing pills to teens and kids alike as replacement parenting. However, from a sociological point of view, we are witnessing a number of major shifts in the society’s structure, a deepening chasm between the middle class and the upper and the lower layers, numbers of jobs available being further cut down, a looser type of a partnership model, in which men are struggling to stand somehow on their both feet despite, ironically enough, being in the majority across companies’ boards. Even those who are at the top have the feeling of chasing their own tale, further being lost amidst the chaotic reality.

What Is Your Problem?

The old dependent patterns are long gone, but before any new schemas re-emerge to give people a sense of belonging and ensure their well being, the old recipes for increasing one’s good mood have not changed, ranging from drugs and alcohol to walking a dog. The lack of stability, however, is further undermined by those feelings of helplessness that are borne out by our fears springing out of the psyche. In short, emotionally and psychologically and sociologically speaking, we are enduring much stress, but also add plenty of fuel to fire, thus provoking an easy burnout. High powered executives and upstarts strive for more and more money, believing the power and high intelligence will fill in their lives with meaning, but they find out to be in the wrong, ultimately. Children are born into this world only to be presented with more challenges then ever, with no guarantee whatsoever that they could carve out a happy life for themselves. They could also buy the notion that some certain rules can make your life enjoyable and worth living. Being a good citizen, washing your socks every morning, producing or reproducing, these are just some of the cheap ideas that are thrown around to help calm the conscience to a large degree.

Taking Proper Care

In those circumstances those who tend to neglect their bodies and minds through drug and other substance abuse escape the grim reality by activating the pleasure receptors in the brain. But what can really help you out and your brain establish something which you could see as foundations for living? To keep a healthy mind in a healthy body? While you have no control over external events that are bound to happen anyway you do have some control over yourself. But the key is not to push yourself too hard and keep begging for more, rather, moderation is key to the secret of the life. What of the pain and suffering involved? There is no answer to that, only silence remains.