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The Internet and Your Business

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If you’re a businessman and you’re still wondering as to why you should have a website, then you’re way behind the competition. You are probably losing some business opportunities because you have not established a web presence for your business. Now is the time to learn how to use the internet to your advantage. Chances are that it won’t make your business into a billion dollar enterprise, but you can maximize it. Read on for some ideas on how you can use the internet for your business today.

What the Internet Can Do

Before we go and discuss the steps that you can take for using the internet for your business, you should know the benefits that it can give your business first. The internet can help in promoting your business for example, like no other instrument can. Ads on newspapers and television can reach far but the internet can go further. The internet can also extend your market. You can have the whole world as your market if your kind of business can handle that. It can also cut down your costs because promoting on the internet can be a lot cheaper than using other means. You can also use it to connect with your customers like never before.

Here are some of the steps that you can take to use the internet for your business.

Create Your Own Website

In order to establish a web presence for your business, the most basic step that you can take would be to create a website for it. If you want, you can do this on your own. There are many tools available which can help you to create a website even if you have no previous experience in doing so. You can also hire a professional web designer who can create the website for you from scratch. Even if you do hire a web designer you should still try to learn as much as you can so that in the future you can do things on your own.

The domain name of the site should be that of the business itself. There are times though when that isn’t practical, so you have to pick something that’s relevant. The site should contain information about your business, about the products that you are offering or services. The prices of the services should not be missing from the site. When a potential customer visits your website, they should be able to find answers to most if not to all of their questions.

On top of the information about your business, you should also provide some relevant articles about the business and field that you are in. The articles can be a means of promoting your site, but in an indirect way. Once you have established your website you can submit its name to a website directory. Such directories can refer visitors to your site.

Online Advertising

We have mentioned before that advertising online has a far reach. You should take advantage of that and the best way to do so is to use PPC or pay per click advertising. In this system of advertising where you do not pay an upfront amount for your ad to be displayed, which is how it works with newspapers. Your ad will be displayed on websites that are related to it and you only pay when someone clicks on those ads. Clicking on the ad means that the person is somehow interested in the service or product that you are selling. So the money that you pay for the ads would be worth it.

Use YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world today and everyone visits it. That’s why YouTube can be such a powerful tool for promoting a business. Since you can share videos on the site, using YouTube would be more like creating advertisements for TV, but it can be more than that. You can share with people what your products and services are and where they can reach you. But you don’t have to stop with boring videos. You can try to create a YouTube channel for your business and come up with videos that would be liked by a lot of people. Your aim is to generate attention with the video and make it go viral. When you have a video that goes viral then you are sure to get some traffic to your site and get some conversion from that.

Participate on Forums

You can also present yourself as an expert on matters that are related to your business and then offer help to those who need some advice. You can do that by participating in forums or blogs that have something to do with your business. By showing yourself as an expert, people will have the tendency to trust you and listen to you. You can then use the opportunity to promote your site and your business. Start looking for forums that you can join. Just be sure that you can offer some genuine and useful advice so that you can help people.

Using Email Marketing

You can also use email as a way of keeping in touch with your customers. But you have to be careful in using this step. Many consumers are annoyed at the way that some businesses are spamming them. Those are unwanted emails being sent out. So you need to make sure that you are sending out emails that have real and useful content.

Get on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular sites in the world today and you should use it in order to promote your business. Setting a Facebook page for your business is a must these days. You can use this social networking site in order to connect with your customers. They can leave comments on the Facebook page of your business for example and you can answer them on a personal basis. That would be taking customer service to a level that you have never seen before. There are social networking sites that you can use, but Facebook is the most relevant today.


A more recent addition to the array of social media sites that can be used for businesses is Google+. It is still unfolding, but it would be best if you were to jump ahead of the rest. It is best to establish your business there ahead of the competition.

Use Online Surveys

Another powerful way that you can use the internet for your business is by using online surveys for it. One of the best tools for that would be surveymonkey. You can actually use that on your own site. That would reveal some information about the market which can help you in coming up with a strategy for your business. You can ask your customers for feedback regarding the products and services that you have and as well as the promotions. Just make sure that you keep the survey short and interesting.

These are the ways that you can use the internet in helping your business. Just remember that with all of your online interactions should always be polite and considerate. You should never write or share anything there that can offend others since it will damage the image of your business.

Weird Works: The Most Unusual Business Ideas Ever

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The weird and the unusual ideas fascinate and intrigue many of us. Perhaps it makes us curious about things that we find hard to believe or understand. And even when we actually believe and understand it, we are made curious of how different it is from what we have come to accept as normal and usual. If you are into business or is thinking about an idea that you can turn into a business, you’d perhaps be fascinated with weird and unusual business concepts yourself. Yes, the business world is full of the weirdness that many of us are just so interested in.

What you or anyone else interested in business should take note however, is that it doesn’t matter if the idea is a little different as long as it works. With that in mind, let us take a look at some of the most unusual business ideas ever. You might just become inspired by these and think of an unusual idea or concept for a business yourself.

Rent-A-Chicken Business

Yes, you read it right – Rent-A-Chicken. Now anyone who is going to encounter this idea for the first time might find it laughable and there are also those who might find it a little bit bizarre. But notwithstanding anyone’s reaction, it is indeed for real. The first and most obvious question to pop up though, is this, why get into such a business and who would want to rent chickens, anyway? The answer to that question might surprise you, because there are indeed people who would like to rent chickens for a limited amount of time. Those people are the kind who might want to get into urban farming but are unsure if they would be able to take care of chickens for the long term. They want to find out if they have it in them to take care of chickens.

No one would like to get plenty of chickens all at once only to find out that they do not have the patience or the interest for it. Enter Rent-A-Chicken to try and help out. This company that’s based in Traverse City, MI would provide everything that’s needed for a brood of chickens to be taken care of for the summer. The cost is $250, and for paying that amount you’ll be able to learn if taking care of chickens is indeed for you.

Romance Novels That are Customized Just For You

Imagine romance novels that are customized for you. Yes, you can finally be the star of your very own romance novel and you have YourNovel.com to thank for the opportunity. Originated by J.S. Fletcher and Kathy Newbern, a real life husband and wife writing tandem, YourNovel.com will place any couple into their very own personalized romance novel and feature them as the heroes of the story.

Couples who’d like to star in their own stories are given dozens of options, with various themes and locations all over the globe. Themes could be detective and similar adventure stories and the locations could be exotic beaches and other parts of the world. Couples who’d want to get featured can provide personal details like eye colors, place where they work, names of their best friends, what they call each other, and many other interests that they have. This will ensure that the novel is as personalized as it could possibly get. The couples could also choose the kind of story that they want to star in – it might be cuddly, sexy, steamy, or even a little wild, it is based on what they actually want. Cost of the personalized novels are $49.95 for the paperbacks, $74.95 if a photo is included and for hard covers it’s $84.95, $99.95 of it has a photo.

Smash Things to Feel Better

Imagine a place where you could get to smash things if you are feeling angry or upset so that you could feel better again. Now that would be an awesome, if somewhat, unusual place. But such a place does exist, and it is known as The Smashing Place and it is located in the city of Tokyo in Japan. In that place, you can hurl plates at a wall if you are feeling too stressed out at work or if you happen to be angry at someone or something. The act is meant to help you release your pent up emotions and it make you feel good again. Clients of The Smashing Place can simply go there and buy cup or plate of their choosing and then proceed to smash it against a concrete wall within the place. And aside from throwing the cups and plates against the wall, clients could accompany it with shouting, swearing, jumping up and down, stomping their feet, and anything else that they could do to relieve them of their stress or anger.

Hangover Helpers

Nobody wants to experience a hangover. It is one of the worst feelings and experiences that anyone could have after a wild night of partying and drinking with your friends or even if you simply decided to drink all by your lonesome. It’s just not a good feeling and often it involves you having a massive headache and you are feeling so dehydrated. On top of that, your house or your apartment has just been royally thrashed and yet you are in no condition to do something about it, or at least you feel that way. But despair not, for Hangover Helpers is there to help you out.

This business is actually made up of a couple of guys from Boulder, Colorado who are ready to go to their clients’ home and help them get back to their normal selves, not to mention help them out with their messed up homes. The two usually go to their clients’ homes and bring along some Gatorade and a breakfast burrito. They would then proceed to clean up every room of the residence where the partying and drinking occurred. And their service does not end with cleaning rooms, but also includes cleaning the dishes and everything else. Hangover Helpers have already been featured on CBS and in Regis and Kelly, proof that it is gaining popularity.

Reconnect With Your Roots

Who wouldn’t want to reconnect with their roots by researching and rediscovering their family’s history? It is definitely a way of getting to know one’s self even more as well as reaching out to other family members that the person involved haven’t met before. And it is about knowing where you came from and who you really are. Those who want that to happen could seek help from Ancestral Discoveries. This particular business offers help to people who want to do a little research about the history of their families. It was started by Janice Sellers in 2006 and aims to help those who are having difficulty in proceeding with their own research or those who are not up to the task of doing any actual research all by themselves. The fondness and interest that Sellers had for family history led her to believe that she could make a career out of helping other people research their family histories.

These are just some of the weird business ideas that have been tried and the thing is that for the most part, they work. Do you have some weird idea you want to try out?

Final Words to Utter Before You Die

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In most cases you might simply not make it on time to be able to utter anything. If you were to prepare the last will, apart from allocating the means and assets amongst your closest ones, what would you say in your farewell?

A Written Thank You Speech

Start off by saying what you are grateful for, the people you have met who have made difference in your life unless they are gone by the time you become the ghost yourself. Or curse those people who made your life worse by not showing up. Just keep it quick-witted and sutiably dry with a tinge of dark humor to keep your edgy listeners on tenterhooks while they wait with bated breath and not sore butts to find out how much they can claim. Or demand the unfunny list to read over your funeral, never minding the despair of your closest ones. Chances are you would not be heard after all you cannot really demand that much now that you are gone.

Express your sentiments and a wish you could be alive for a longer time, but since you cannot, toast to the great times you have had and wish everyone to have a happy parting.

For the Speech Recipients

Spur the people on to come up with poignant ideas for a final farewell, but do not expect them to come forward with the ideas that might be seen as improper by your family members. Also remember that you may only expect those people who you have had great relations with and a numer of those who deem it the right step to accompany your departure. Those can go unnoticed and you could even address it in your last will outlining the reasons or not, but think of your family that would have to face your quirky last words and follow them to the letter.

Do Not Take It Too Far

Departing from this world in high spirits is one way to ensure you are looking boldly towards your destination, but do not make it too hard for your other family members that choose to accompany you. That moment calls for delicacy and tact and if you have never been particularly known for either, now it is not the time to play that silly game any time soon. You take care of your own business, that is you let death take care of you, and the rest should be silence, disrupted, if you wish, by the black humor examples in your will. If you have nothing to share, say something that will linger in their memory and not something that will repulse them greatly. Show your brightest colors after you close your eyes for good.

Essential Beauty Tricks

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How to Make Sure That You Always Get Rid of Your Make-up before Sleeping

There is a way to make certain that you will be able to remove your entire make up regardless of how exhausted you are or how late it already is or even how idle you are feeling. Just keep some face wipes beside your bed. Now all you need to do is to reach for a wipe, swipe your make up away and you are done. You are now all set to go to dreamland.

How to Stop Your Scalp from Hurting When Your Hair is Being Dyed

Sometimes, hair dyes sting your scalp during application. This is due to the dryness of your scalp which makes you have some raw spots as well as small tears on your skin. Fortunately, fixing this problem is quite simple. Just moisturize your scalp and you are good to go.

How to Minimize Blow-Drying Time

You simply need to clean the back of the hair dryer where the lint trap is found. This will keep air to maintain its flow into the blow dryer; hence, the dryer can blow out air in full force and thereby shortening your hair drying time.

How to Properly Introduce New Products to Your Skin

The right way to prevent breakouts or redness when using a new product on your skin is to make a ìmoisturizer sandwichî. Apply a layer of your usual moisturizer, then apply the new product and then layer another coat of moisturizer.

How to Have the Ideal Beach Waves

Counteract the drying effect of salt spray when having beachy waves by applying first an oil-containing product so that your hair cuticle will be smooth and moisturized.

How to Make Distinct Brows

On the runway, a modelís brows are actually filled with a couple of different shades of powder. This is due to the notion that a single shade will make your brows look flat as well as obvious; but, applying a couple of shades will give your brows some dimension.

How to Craft Your Manicure to Last Longer

When painting your nails, run your topcoat brush around the edge of your nails. It is like pressing down the edge of your nails to seal the coat and to keep air out for a strong and fresh polish that can last longer.

How to Keep Your Skin Glowy

When applying your moisturizer, put it on using a foundation brush. This will feel more relaxing and will even out the moisturizer. Plus, the moisturizer on the brush will thin your foundation out a bit for that transparent look.

How to Make a Faint Highlighter

Try using a primer thatís light-diffusing over your tinted moisturizer. This way, it can act as a very faint and subtle highlighter. It is actually softer than the original product.

How to Have Big, Flirty Eyes

To make your eyes look bigger, add extra mascara right on the center of your eyelashes as well as on the outer ends.

How to Maintain a Clean and Shiny Floor

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In business, there are lots of things that you need to pay attention to in order to be successful. Most of these are the important factors that affect the efficacy of your company. However, do we care to give attention to one of the simplest yet usually overlooked key to success commonly known as cleaning? The answer would definitely be no. Most companies do not pay enough attention to cleaning as they do not see it as something that will help them lead to success. But indirectly, it greatly helps the productivity of an individual.

Shining Floor Is Impressive

Perhaps not in a definite way in terms of sales figures but success only comes to those who have a clean and clear workspace. Why? The answer would simply be because your employees can work much better without clutter on their work area. Aside from being hygienic, it also helps a lot when you have a clean and organized desk. The same thing is true with a clean and shiny floor. Aside from the fact that your employees would enjoy working on a clean work area, you will leave a good impression to your workers as their boss. In addition to this, your clients will distinguish you as a professional who is serious in doing business.

If you think that cleaning and maintaining the floor is only for companies that do not have a hectic schedule then you’re wrong. Keeping your floor clean and shiny at all times is the responsibility of any company. Although it may take some of your time, working on a clean area pays a lot of benefits in return. Here’s how you maintain a clean and clear floor on your office.

How to Have It

First, get all the needed cleaning supplies from your storage room. Get a bucket, mop, cleansers, and a brush with a pole. Mix the cleanser with the water on the bucket and soak your mop till it gets all wet. Now vigorously mop the floor from end to end. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result. In case there are tough stains, use the brush to remove it. When using a brush, make sure that you are using the appropriate type of bristles to avoid leaving some scratches on the floor. Mop the floor again and wrap things up by mopping it with a dry rag.

In case you have a budget and you don’t mind spending it on janitorial services, then you can hire the professional nearest your area. They will spare your workers of the time spent on cleaning. In return, your employees can focus on their work which is more productive. There are janitorial cleaning companies within your easy reach. They are offering a wide range of cleaning services. However, if budget is a thing of concern, you can always adjust the working time of your workers so that they can maintain cleanliness in their workspace.

Maintaining a clean and shiny floor is one impression that can leave a mark to your visitors. It can be done with your own staff or a cleaning company at a reasonable price. Whatever decision you’ll make the benefits of maintaining a clean office are unquantifiable.


How to Cook a Delicious Email

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Email marketing is considered by most marketers as an old-fashioned way to rank up your sales on the internet. Despite being true in most cases, some online marketers are still using it with much efficacy. As a marketer, working on an effective marketing technique such as with emails is similar to cooking a delicious meal. If consists of different items to make the whole thing which is perfectly acceptable.

Cooking Similarities

Similar to cooking your specialty meal, you need to have all the necessary stuff in order to be successful with your project. If one ingredient is missing, you can’t expect great results from your cooking. Success has its own recipe. As a marketer, you need to have a good recipe if you are planning on having a successful marketing run. Here’s how you should cook a delicious email to provide the cravings of your recipients.

  • The Basic Ingredients – every writer has his own checklist that needs to be covered in order to have a successful email. Before you write an email to your recipient, always remember to have a checklist that you can see every once in a while. Always include on the checklist the factors you want to have on your emails. Uniqueness, interesting topics, and usefulness should always be on your basic ingredients. A unique email usually grabs the attention of the readers. It should have the headline of an attention getter or the body of an attractive content. Most of us are easily drawn to checking out stuffs that aren’t common to us. We are also glued to interesting topics for the reason that they provide our needs for information. In addition, we tend to read emails that give us information which helps us gain more knowledge on what we wish to know. In short, the information they contain are satisfactorily delivered and well appreciated by the readers.
  • The Secret Ingredient(s) – as online marketers, we all have our own secret ingredients that help distinguish our works from the others. Secret ingredients are discovered either through experience or research. It doesn’t really matter how you mix it in your pot as long as you can cook an effective and successful email marketing meal. Look for your own secret ingredient by doing some research as well as by testing it on your emails. Perhaps, something different on the way you present your email format could give an aura of excitement from your readers. The choice of words is another approach to do it. In some instances, the choice of font and its size can effectively deliver your message.

The success of email marketing basically depends on how we cook it as writers. Poor cooking would simply provide a tasteless email that will definitely get snubbed by the readers. Email marketing with quality ingredients usually end up being checked out by the recipients. Always remember that being read is your first concern as an email marketer who needs to get more leads and sales. If you fail to convince that your readers were fully satisfied, then your next email would be a worthless exercise.

Three Reasons Why Reading Is a Waster

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You have never been much of a reader, admit it. Dealing with a written word is indeed repulsive and akin to dealing with a trampled bird on the road. The print is typically too fine and the concepts are overly elaborated for you to be and the time constraints too great to take trouble to have a look at what some of the finest writers have produced to date. Ocassionally you recall some tidbits from the set books you were required to flip through, but just through the first 15 pages, and some morsels stuck in your memory like sore thumbs. You mostly use literature to wipe the forehead off sweat you produce by hitting the gym or to sneer at.

The Curse of the Brainy Type

You are quite a brainy type but what you love is what you produce and that is mostly the money so you make other people bleed and sweat for you, no matter what their background. You need no literature to reflect on your conscience as you simply believe that each man is reponsible for themselves. Or you have never been partial to the literary world, as it was so disengaging when presented in the classroom, so you rightly believe you were never given a proper chance to enjoy the written word just as you might if you had not been pressed too much, perhaps gently guided.

You explain you work so hard that you are barely capable of finding any time for yourself or your family. Plus you prefer to read a chapter for your kid but lack the energy to do the research yourself. In essence, you satisfy your appetite with a number of headlines each day and that’s it.

Dirty Reading Pleasures

In fact, no one is totally immune to the allure of the written world, as shown by the examples of worldwide fame. The pleasures of reading worldwide bestsellers that tug at hearts of anyone, even those well read individuals, are an inexplicable secret to many. It is akin to watching your favorite cartoon that cannot beat any famous children’s book but it comes and goes like a snap of your fingers.

What then is the only saving grace? Apart from the internet’s shortened versions of articles which should not run into more than 1000 words as the attention span of an average reader is not sufficient enough to handle that much of a burden, you are left with haiku poetry and reading silly jokes online. Who said attention spans are so short? Perhaps by viewing how much people spend online in general, the general tendency is to feature a larger amount of pictures that accompany the fluff. In the end, it is the readers who dictate the way the reading market is shaped and the laziness takes over. It is no pleasure reading off the internet for hours and we prefer to crack a smile at a pictorial joke or two.

3 Ways to Kill Your Time and Never Get It Back

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While it is not a hard and fast rule guide for everyone those are the ways that took my time and ran away never to return. There are thousands of ways to spend your time effectively but some of them are complete wasters.

Watching Hollywood Junk

Admit it, you love it, just like crunching the greasy dripping crackers, and a vomity sweet smell of Coke, which you place on both sides of you, to feel like the next best thing. While it is the matter of the famous line: each to his own, if you seen one PG 13 custom made special effects filled scene, you have seen it all, and that includes even the Hobbit. Sorry Holywood, you should do much better. When you sometimes get to watch the re-runs of older H. Productions, you get this feeling that goes over you and you rub your eyes as if reawaken from the deep sleep. It simply means that you have grown up enough to put an X on H. thrash. Think back how much time you spent watching it and the time would run into whole years. It is the time you can never claim back.

Pointless Arguments

Thousands of them during your life, cited to be an indispensable ingredient for a rebellious teen and then a young adult. A complete waste of time and health, in my view, even if your proneness to losing temper is known worldwide. Wasted energy that could be channeled into something larger than you and better. If you have had way too many pointless quarrels up your sleeve, there is nothing to be proud of. You continue doing so and snapping at any cockroach that comes your way? Gosh, get in touch with your mental health doc to check up on your unhappy childhood beginnings. Unearth the yucky and deal with the dirt. Learn to relax above all. You are not going to be here for much long.

Net Surfing Idiocy

While it is better than TV, it is nevertheless a time eater that cannot be redeemed in any way. Too much internet is actually mindless rubble of ideas you need as badly as you need someone to tell you how to live your life. Really?? Who cares about the upcoming episode of the net thrash piece on the royal family? This is just a bunch of people who happen to be nice and bright and born the right way. But to claim the top viewing spot just because someone’s pregnant? Well my cousin is too and the other one is expecting to deliver a giant octopus some day soon. Does that even count? Human curiosity is insatiable, but kindly be advised to limit OMG! to a peek if you can.

Safety Tips In the Installation of Insulation

in Home Renovation

Insulation are commonly used and installed on houses to keep warm air out during the hot season and cool breeze from getting inside the structure when the weather is cold. There are many benefits a person can have from putting up materials for insulating purposes. Among these are reduction of energy consumption, enhanced durability of walls, floor, and ceiling, and fire resistance. All of these can be acquired though when you have successfully put up your preferred insulation material on wherever location you would like to install it.

Be Cautious Always

Learning how to install the insulation in the safest and most appropriate method helps a lot with the outcome of the project. There are several techniques for the installation of these materials. However, the best among these is the one with the safest method. Do not compromise your safety whenever you set up these stuffs on your house. Remember that you will be handling tools that can be quite risky when mishandled.

  • Precaution – make sure that you are wearing something that will protect you from possible risks and dangers during the installation process. Never put your guard down by assuming that nothing bad will go wrong. This is the most common mistake of some individuals who had suffered accidents during the setting up of the insulation. Hand gloves, eye goggles, working clothes, and hard hats are among the protective gears that should be prepared and worn during the project.
  • Proper Tool Handling – most of the accidents during the installation process happen with the improper use of tools especially the ones used for cutting purposes. If you are not skilled or experienced in handling such types of tools, it is very important to be very careful with every movement you make while holding on the instrument.
  • Wiring and Plumbing – make sure that you know where the wires and pipes are located to avoid having problems during the installation process. It is very important that you have the blueprint of the house while you are doing the project. This will save you time on looking out for the wiring and plumbing. Aside from preventing additional expenses on the possible repairs or replacements when you hit wires and pipes, this will also avoid definite harm from getting electrocuted.
  • Materials – be very careful when it comes to handling your insulation materials as most of these are expensive. You do not want to spend other funds on replacing damaged materials as this would be quite an investment on your part. It is important to be accurate when you are cutting and securing the product on your walls, ceiling, and floor.
  • Inspect – make a quick yet thorough inspection all over the insulated area to ensure a successful and safe job. Check out the spots where possible wiring or plumbing are embedded to know whether you had hit one or not. Carrying out an inspection task right after the completion of the project would definitely prevent possible problems in the long run.

Great Tips for Moss Removal on Roofs

in Home Renovation

Houses are built and designed with roofs for various important purposes. Among these include the objective of deflecting rain. Another is keeping a shady environment for the people who are living inside the structure. For many homeowners, roofs are also made to highlight the beauty of their abodes especially those that were carefully planned and well spent for. However, having these wonderful structures also demands time, effort, and money in terms of maintenance. Moss is one of the most stubborn problems of any homeowner aside from dirt, dust, and debris.

Moss Propagation Areas

Moss removal tips are among the popular and hottest topics in the Internet nowadays. This is due to the growing demand of an effective and successful solution to prevent the infestation of these plants on our roofs. Moss propagates and thrives perfectly on shady and damp places. These spots are the cracks, crevices, and overlapping areas on our roofs where they make their perfect places. They thrive easily especially during the rainy season.

How to Get Rid

Chemical products are commonly used in getting rid of moss as well as weeds on the roof as these are great for killing them. However, there are also many disadvantages when using these synthetic products. Negative effects such as health problems as well as some types of materials are prone to discoloration.

High pressure water spray is a good solution in preventing the propagation of moss on the roof. This can dislodge the plant from where it sits. However, vigorous scrubbing should follow in order to make sure that these do not grow back right after a few days. These are really stubborn and hard to eliminate. Although this is a good method in keeping their growth and production at bay, this is just a temporary method. This will not prevent moss from growing back over and over again. When using this technique, be very careful on where you point the sprayer as you can also cause damages on the roof especially on slate tiles as you can dislodge them accidentally.

Detergent and bleach mixed with hot water is also a natural option. This is an alternative approach if you are not into the utilization of chemical products. These can be used on pressure spray in order to be broadcasted on the roof. In most cases, this solution is left to penetrate the roots of the moss and weeds for one or two days depending on the degree of infestation. Climbing up on the roof immediately after spraying the mixture can be very dangerous due to the slippery condition of the tiles which can definitely cause accidents. The second day after the use of the solution is the best time to go up and scrub the roof off with a good brush. Always remember to be extra careful when working above the house. This can also do more harm than good in case you dislodged or broke any material on your roof.

Manual digging is also an option. However, this can be quite laborious and time consuming on your part. This should be the last among the choices of homeowners.