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Three Reasons Why Reading Is a Waster

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You have never been much of a reader, admit it. Dealing with a written word is indeed repulsive and akin to dealing with a trampled bird on the road. The print is typically too fine and the concepts are overly elaborated for you to be and the time constraints too great to take trouble to have a look at what some of the finest writers have produced to date. Ocassionally you recall some tidbits from the set books you were required to flip through, but just through the first 15 pages, and some morsels stuck in your memory like sore thumbs. You mostly use literature to wipe the forehead off sweat you produce by hitting the gym or to sneer at.

The Curse of the Brainy Type

You are quite a brainy type but what you love is what you produce and that is mostly the money so you make other people bleed and sweat for you, no matter what their background. You need no literature to reflect on your conscience as you simply believe that each man is reponsible for themselves. Or you have never been partial to the literary world, as it was so disengaging when presented in the classroom, so you rightly believe you were never given a proper chance to enjoy the written word just as you might if you had not been pressed too much, perhaps gently guided.

You explain you work so hard that you are barely capable of finding any time for yourself or your family. Plus you prefer to read a chapter for your kid but lack the energy to do the research yourself. In essence, you satisfy your appetite with a number of headlines each day and that’s it.

Dirty Reading Pleasures

In fact, no one is totally immune to the allure of the written world, as shown by the examples of worldwide fame. The pleasures of reading worldwide bestsellers that tug at hearts of anyone, even those well read individuals, are an inexplicable secret to many. It is akin to watching your favorite cartoon that cannot beat any famous children’s book but it comes and goes like a snap of your fingers.

What then is the only saving grace? Apart from the internet’s shortened versions of articles which should not run into more than 1000 words as the attention span of an average reader is not sufficient enough to handle that much of a burden, you are left with haiku poetry and reading silly jokes online. Who said attention spans are so short? Perhaps by viewing how much people spend online in general, the general tendency is to feature a larger amount of pictures that accompany the fluff. In the end, it is the readers who dictate the way the reading market is shaped and the laziness takes over. It is no pleasure reading off the internet for hours and we prefer to crack a smile at a pictorial joke or two.