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Top Car Manufacturers in the World Today

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The automotive industry is quite competitive in terms of the automobiles they release on the market. They provide automobiles with different designs and features that will cause confusion to the prospective consumers. There is a wide range of companies involved in the development, manufacture, design, marketing and selling of automobiles all over the world.

According to the statistics, the automotive industry remains one of the most important economic sectors in terms of revenue. Of course, cars are one of the most important investments made by almost every single person anywhere in the world. Although they’ve been branded as luxury items in the past, they are now considered as needs nowadays. People who have automobiles find it a lot easier to do various things. If you’re looking for a job, you can easily roam your area in search for job openings with your car. Entrepreneurs who have automobiles also have a slight edge over businessmen who don’t have their own car. Overall, they are important to all of us which is one of the reasons why car manufacturers continue to build them.

If you’re planning on purchasing a car, you should definitely check out each manufacturer. Doing a quick research will give you an idea on what they can provide you with their automobiles. Here are some of the top car manufacturers in the world.


Japan’s number 1 car manufacturer is the biggest and world’s leading automobile manufacturer after 2013. Toyota is known to sell hybrid cars that tally an impressive 1.3 million units. In fact, it has sold nearly 75% of its hybrid in the United States. Founded in 1937, Toyota has been number one since 2008, but has lost its position due to the tsunami incident in the country. Surprisingly, Toyota rose back to its knees to grab the first spot while almost breaking the record as the first automotive creator to hit the 10-million mark. In terms of jobs offered, the automobile company has generated 365,000 jobs in the US alone. If you’re looking for a great car within a decent budget, then Toyota has lots of options to offer. Toyota cars are also known for their fuel efficiency which is great for third world countries like the Philippines.

General Motors (GM)

GM or General Motors is an American Automotive corporation that has been providing automobiles in 37 countries all around the world. These automobiles are under ten brands which most of us are familiar with. Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Opel, Cadillac, Holden, Vauxhall, Jie Fang, Baojin, Wuling, and UzDaewoo are among the brands manufactured by General Motors. In terms of revenues made, GM or General Motors rank number four just behind Daimler AG with $155 billion dollars in 2013.

General Motors is present in various countries all around the world. They have headquarters in countries like Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, North America, and the Oceania. This is one of the reasons why they are one of the largest automobile manufacturers all around the world.

GM was responsible for the discovery and innovation of various automobile parts. They innovated the commercially practical two-stroke diesel engines. GM was also responsible for better transmissions for track-laying vehicles. In addition, they were instrumental to the development of various advancements in the automotive industry.

If you’re looking for a cool car that has some of the best features, then get a vehicle manufactured by General Motors. You have lots of choices from Chevrolet to Cadillac. Under the ten brands that are being manufactured by GM, there’s a slight percentage that you won’t get the car you want.

Volkswagen Group

The German Company is on the top of the list of automobile companies in terms of revenues made in 2013. Volkswagen has produced passenger and commercial vehicles, engines, and turbo machinery.

Volkswagen is known for producing a car known as the “Beetle”. After its success, Volkswagen’s production grew rapidly especially in the 1950s and 60s. Eventually, it acquired Auto Union which in 1965 began to produce the first Audi models. Volkswagen enjoyed producing its cars thanks to its bestsellers which includes the Golf.

The Volkswagen Company has long enjoyed its lofty spot in terms of revenues attained. However, some people have doubts about some of the automobiles manufactured by the company. These questions have remained unsettled and many of the consumers have shifted to other manufacturers because of these hearsay.

As a buyer though, it would be best if you test the car for a long drive before you believe in such issues. Cars that are manufactured go through a long process of inspection regardless of its company. Any reputable company won’t release defective automobiles to the market. One of the main reasons why they recall any overlooked cars with defects is to maintain a good image to the public consumers. This is why you should never believe issues until they are founded on truth.

Daimler AG

Daimler AG is a German multinational automotive company considered as the second-largest truck manufacturer in the whole world. In terms of car manufacturing though, it ranks 13th in the world. The company has shares on brands like the Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Thomas Built Buses, Mitsubishi Fuso, Tesla Motors and other companies.

If you’re in love with the luxurious and elegant-looking cars, perhaps a Mercedes-Benz car would be on top of your list. Mercedes-Benz is a good choice if you’re looking for style and comfort. Although they aren’t as fuel efficient as compared with the other automobiles, they definitely provide quality looks and features. If you’re planning on spending a huge amount of money on cars, then Mercedes-Benz is a good choice. In fact, it’s a great choice as long as you don’t worry about its fuel consumption.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company or simply known as Ford is a multinational automotive company that manufactures and produces automobiles and commercial cars under its brand. It’s also known for its luxury cars. Aside from these, it has also produced automotive components and tractors used in agricultural activities.

Consumers who are looking for luxury cars should consider checking out the automobiles of Ford. Aside from the looks and comfort, they aren’t that expensive as compared to the other brands. In addition, they offer lots of good things which make purchasing one a good deal.

As a consumer, these are some of the potential automobile manufacturers that will make your dream car. You don’t have to get your vehicle according to popularity or sales of the company. Buyers should purchase a car that they think will give them what they are looking for in an automobile.

Overall, car manufacturers have their own way with cars. As a consumer, you should always look for a car that will fit your personality and preferences. It should have all the features that you are looking for in a car. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of your money. There are many different automobiles out on the market that can provide you with what you need. One way to make sure that you land the best vehicle is by shopping around. Once you’ve had all of your preferred automobiles, narrow them down to the one you think would be the best car for you and your family.