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What Fashions Affect You Most

in Fashion

Fashion is generally used when referring to anything that has something to do with your style. It can be about your clothes, footwear, makeup, body piercing, tattoo, and accessories. Usually, it is referred to any trend that is being accepted by the general public. Trendsetters aren’t usually great with fashion. However, they have a good sense of fashion to know which one would be worth making popular.

As an individual, we have our own way or sense of fashion. It’s quite impossible to live without fashion in our lives. Whether we like it or not, our lives are affected by fashion in various ways. As a person, one fashion affects you while the others make you a better individual. Let’s take a look on what fashions affect us most in our daily living.


The first thing that would come to our mind when we talk about fashion is clothes. Aside from a good makeup and fancy footwear, clothes make or break our image. People who are good at picking the right clothes usually get away as the popular persons. In our circle of friends, those who know how to choose good clothes are normally better when it comes to physical looks. On the other end, those who don’t know how to pick the right clothes end up as the losers. It’s something normal in many people’s lives. In fact, some people lose their confidence because of criticisms about their fashion taste.

As an individual, our life is usually affected by our taste or preference in clothes. We usually spend a lot of money in search for the right clothes. Sometimes, we buy expensive items just to impress the public that we have a sense of fashion. As a result, it affects our lives by giving us more accounts to pay. If you are someone who’s spending more money on clothes, perhaps the effect of having a good sense of fashion is already affecting you.

A lot of people are late for work because they mind their attire so much that they can’t decide on what to wear. Most people are guilty with the issue of deciding which clothes to wear to work. If you’re spending more than 15 minutes on deciding on which clothes to wear, then you’re definitely being affected by fashion.

According to studies, almost all people are affected with fashion that has something to do about clothes. Especially the women, they spend most of their money and time on shopping for new clothes. In fact, they have many clothes on their cabinets that some of these aren’t worn for more than once. Women are so obsessed about what to wear that they don’t realize their lives are quite affected by it. While this may be a fact, it doesn’t go with all women though. Some women can make up their mind within a few minutes especially if they know something about fashion.


Does it take you 30 minutes to decide on which sandals, shoes, or high heels to wear? Whether you’re going out for a special occasion or a casual day to work, footwear is important in making you look good. If you’re having a hard time deciding, then you’re definitely affected by fashion both in good and bad ways. People are affected by fashion in such a way that they can’t decide on which footwear to put on. In addition, they spend their money buying new shoes and sandals for more choices in the future. Although it’s not a bad practice, going slow with your shopping is important in saving serious money.

Normally, you don’t need 10 pairs of shoes to stand out among your friends or group. In fact, you can live with three pairs and still get the attention you want. People who are good with mixing and matching can live with a few pairs of footwear and still get the attention of others. If you know which footwear would do well with your clothes, then you’re good to go. If not, then you’ll have a hard time deciding on which one would highlight your fashion.

Women are obsessed with different kinds of shoes. In fact, women have more footwear than men. They spend hundreds of dollars almost every month just to purchase the pair they want.

Makeup and Hairstyle

Although this is quite common in women, some men are also affected with these fashion. Women and men alike sport different hairstyles. Although men don’t usually wear makeup, models actually put on light makeup to cover some blemishes. If you’re a man who’s not into the modeling industry though, then makeup is out of your concern. Women on the other hand, spend some time on picking out the right makeup kit. In fact, they spend hours trying out different makeup products at the store. Lot of money is usually spent on various makeup kits. Women would do anything just to look beautiful. After all, who doesn’t want to look beautiful? The only problem with fashion with regards to makeup though is that it requires a lot of money. Makeup kits aren’t that inexpensive especially if you want the good brands.

When it comes to hairstyle, there’s no one as meticulous as women. Hairstyle is such a big deal to most women regardless of age. One moment they would love to have a new hairstyle and after a few minutes they would regret having their hair done and change their minds. Fashion really affects women when it comes to their hair. Unlike men, women are emotional when it’s about their hair. They usually get depressed if they aren’t happy with their new hairstyle. Although some women can live with just any hairstyle, most of them can’t stand an average one.

Fashion and Your Life

Fashion can either make us a better person or make things worse. If your priorities are makeup kits, clothes, and footwear rather than important things like food or paying your accounts, then fashion has a bad effect on your life. As a person, make sure that fashion doesn’t affect you in a bad way. It’s there to serve one purpose which is to make you look beautiful. Other than that, it shouldn’t be your focus in life. Avoid making fashion the center of your focus. Doing so will allow you to prevent various problems that can really affect your life. Smart people don’t get sucked up with all the hype about fashion. Instead they use it to help them enhance their self-esteem. They use fashion to fuel them in achieving their goals in life. After all, being praised because of how we look is a good motivator to every individual person.

Fashion affects women more than it affects men. As we commonly experienced, we can’t avoid it in our lives. So whether you like it or not, you have to choose a fashion style to follow. Aside from shielding yourself from criticisms and judgments, it also makes people look and feel good at the same time. However, make sure that it doesn’t devour your life. Avoid spending too much time on deciding what to wear. In addition, don’t waste your money on fashion stuff if you already have enough to start with. Fashion is good if used to your advantage. Don’t let “looking good” desires consume you to the point that it already affects your life.